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Capture[edit | edit source]

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Capturing monsters is a special activity, that allows you to tame and transport pets. Capturing a monster requires a soul gem, which is the medium for acquiring and summoning the monster. Every higher tier gem can capture the lower gem monsters, but lower tier gems can not capture higher tier monsters.

There are 6 kinds of soul Gems

  caption Small soul gem (Not usable, given when an egg hatches)

caption Soul Gem lvl 1 (Monsters that can be captured with this gem)

caption Soul Gem lvl 2 (Monsters that can be captured with this gem)

caption Soul Gem lvl 3 (Monsters that can be captured with this gem)

caption Soul Gem lvl 4 (Monsters that can be captured with this gem)

Soul gem 5.png Soul Gem lv 5 (For capturing T-Rex)


  • Higher level soul gems can capture stronger monsters.
  • The higher the soul gem level is, the more likely that the monster will be captured.
  • Decreasing the monster's health before throwing the soul gem makes it more likely that you will capture it.
  • The pathfinding mechanic of bats seems to be broken, making captured bats / toxic bats difficult to level / control
  • One method of leveling is to exploit the aggro mechanic - attack a mob, run out of its range and wait for your minion to kill it.
  • Each world only has one Soul Gem lv 5 as the reward of prehistoric biome challenge.


When you throw the gem after capturing a monster, it will spawn. The monster will have a violet gem above him, which means that this is your monster. You can summon only one monster at a time. If your monster is KO'd, your monster will not be able to be summoned again until it regenerates all of it's health. KO'd monsters regenerate health more slowly than regular monsters. You can use the monster regeneration table to heal your monster more quickly by using souls.

Captured Monster Stats:

  • Captured monsters will lose all of their buffs when caught, but get buffs when leveled up.
  • The stats of a captured monster appears to correspond to stats in the wild (buffed by its skills and level).
  • All captured monsters start from level 5.
  • The maximum level of monster is 70.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Currently all non-boss monsters can be captured.
  • The only boss monster that can be captured is the T-Rex.(Requires Soul Gem Lv5)

Version[edit | edit source]

0.5.10 : Captured monsters will keep rarity now