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Chloridians are NPC's that can be rescued as part of a Quest from Underground Prisons and can be assigned to different jobs.

Obtaining: Butchers guard the Chloridians in Prisons that can be found underground, though they don't need to be killed in order to rescue the Chloridians. To 'rescue' a Chloridian, break its cage and they will start running roughly half a screen and then teleport. Rescued Chloridians magically appear back on the surface next to the Quest giver. They can be killed on their way and also, you can get Chloridian Essences after rescuing them.

Jobs: Rescued Chloridians can be assigned to these jobs:

  • Chef.png Cook - Uses the Chef's Cauldron when it's populated with food ingredients (Resources) to Produce random cooked goods periodically for fewer ingredients than normal.
  • Smith.png Smith - Uses the Smith's Anvil when it's populated with bars (Resources) to Produce random weapons and armor of the bars used, costing fewer bars than normal and has the possibility to make upgraded versions of these equipments.
  • Alchemist.png Alchemist - Uses the Wizard's Table when it's populated with flowers (Resources) to Produce potions for fewer ingredients than normal.
  • Guardian2.png Guardian - Can be equipped with spare weapons, shields, armor and will defend the local area attacking monsters near spawn (including chickens, cows and wisps). Equipment is retained when the job is switched.

A Chloridian emprisonned

Jobs can be switched by you at any time by selecting "Forget Job". Chloridian Essence obtained from rescuing chloridians are necessary to craft the Chef's Cauldron,Smith's Anvils and Wizard's Table. It is possible to send chloridians back to the spawn point by selecting "Return to Crystal".

Warning: If you happen to lead mobs to your base, they may aggro to your Chloridians (who cannot instant revive like you can). Non-guardian Chloridians are defenseless, and Guardian Chlorodians will attack neutral enemies such as cows.


  • When assigned to a job the chloridian gets a new haircut.
  • Chickens can get stuck between two chloridians (or a chloridian and a player) that are near to each other and be almost unable to move.
  • The name Chloridians may have been inspired by the Chlorophyta, a taxon of green algae(informally called chlorophytes).