Druidic Armor Set

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  • Please note that the stat gains from the leveled-up armor can be replaced with a Poison Resistance with the level equal to that of the armor piece(i.e. lvl 2 armor may have lvl 2 Poison Resistance instead of HP +20 bonus)
Lv1 Lv2 Lv3
Armor Green Helmet.png HP +80 HP +100 HP +100
SP +40 SP +40 SP +60
Armor Green Chest.png HP +80 HP +100 HP +100
SP +40 SP +40 SP +60
Armor Green Legs.png HP +80 HP +100 HP +100
SP +40 SP +40 SP +60
  • Each piece has a 20% chance to drop from Leaf Feary.
  • The greaves, armor, and helmet can all be dropped at varying levels