Forged Sword

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The Forged Sword is an early game melee weapon that is a reward for the quest Crafts 3. It is the third weakest of the craft-able swords, and is only slightly better than is predecessor, the Rookie Sword. It is recommended to spam quests to obtain this sword, as it is more powerful than the two before it.

Forged Sword
Image Name Ingredients Crafting Station Weapon Description
Forged Sword.png

Forged Sword

3 Copper bar.png Copper Bars,

3 Wood icon.png Wood Chunk

Copper anvil.pngCopper Anvil A simple sword, perfect for a rookie.
Image Name Damage Cost
Forged Sword.png Forged Sword (Lvl 1) 5 Cutting Damage

5-8 (Critical) Damage

Forged Sword2.png Forged Sword (Lvl 2) 5 Cutting Damage

6-9 (Critical) Damage

10% Cut Damage Bonus

1 Copper Bar, 4 Souls
Forged Sword3.png Forged Sword (Lvl 3) 5 Cutting Damage

6-9 (Critical) Damage

20% Cut Damage Bonus

2 Copper Bars, 10 Souls
Forged Sword4.png Forged Sword (Lvl 4) 5 Cutting Damage

7-10 (Critical) Damage

30% Cut Damage Bonus

3 Copper Bars, 18 Souls
Forged Sword5.png Forged Sword (Lvl 5) 5 Cutting Damage

8-11 (Critical) Damage

45% Cut Damage Bonus

4 Copper Bars, 32 Souls
Forged Sword6.png Forged Sword (Lvl 6) 5 Cutting Damage

8-12 (Critical) Damage

60% Cut Damage Bonus

6 Copper Bars, 60 Souls
Forged Sword7.png Forged Sword (Lvl 7) 5 Cutting Damage

10-15 (Critical) Damage

90% Cut Damage Bonus

8 Copper Bars, 120 Souls