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Hoes, in order of level

Item level is a mechanic in Planet Centauri that affects most equipable items (See also: Rarity). Crafted items can be increased in level by pressing "U" and placing the item in the crafting grid. Upgrading will cost ingredients similar to what was required to craft said item, as well as a number of souls.

An increase in item level corresponds to a percentage increase in stats (eg, block break speed, damage, critical hit etc), and/or a fixed numerical increase to stats (eg, +5 HP)

Item level also corresponds to an increase in the level of socketable runes. Runes can only be applied to an item of the same colour level.

The level scale is as follows:

  • Level 1: Plain
  • Level 2: Green
  • Level 3: Blue
  • Level 4: Purple
  • Level 5: Yellow
  • Level 6: Orange
  • Level 7: Red