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Chickens, in order of rarity

Rarity is a mechanic in Planet Centauri that affects most equipable items, as well as both hostile and non-hostile mobs (excluding cows and wisps).

Item Rarity[edit | edit source]

(For information specific to the colour coding of items, see: item level)

(For information about which items drop from which mobs, see: Monsters)

Item rarity may refer to both an item's level and the permanent enchantments given to dropped swords.

Dropped equipable items come with fixed damage, health and SP stats but receive bonuses in accordance with their level. Swords may also include extra, randomized enchantments that further increase stats such as cutting damage, or that apply effects such as restoring health with each hit. All crafted items are made with fixed stats and no bonus enchantments, including swords.

Monster Rarity[edit | edit source]

(For a list of all monsters, see: Monsters)

Monsters come in 5 varieties of rarity. Their rarity can be determined either by looking at the monster's information box in the top right hand corner of the screen, or by it's unique colouring. The variations are as follows:

  1. Normal: Uncoloured
  2. Uncommon: Differently coloured for each mob (Note: This monster variation appears as "Unknown" in the target information box as of patch 0.8.7)
  3. Rare: Purple
  4. Divine: White
  5. Legendary: Black

(Note: Monster rarity does not guarantee higher base attack and HP stats when captured, it simply gives better odds of having higher stats.)

(Citation needed) Each variety seems to be 1/8 as common as the one before it.

Monsters of a higher rarity have a higher chance of dropping loot such as runes..