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Runes are special items that allow the player to 'enchant' different weapons, tools and armor with different effects. They can be dropped by monsters and bosses.

Runes can be divided into several levels, From 1 to 7. Each level costs 4 runes of the same type from the previous level, resulting in a total of 4,096 level 1 runes to merge a level 7 rune of that type.

If enchanting weapons or tools, the 'Atk' stat will be chosen. If enchanting armor the 'DeF' stat will be chosen.

Runes will usually also negatively impact health when enchanted to armor pieces.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Attributes Notes
Rune cut.png DeF: Cutting resistance

Atk:Cutting damage bonus

Rune light.png [[File:runelight.png]] DeF: Light resistance

Atk:Light damage bonus

Rune shadow.png [[File:runeshadow.png]] DeF: Shadow resistance

Atk:Shadow damage bonus

Rune thunder.png [[File:runethunder.png]] DeF: Thunder resistance

Atk:Thunder damage bonus

Rune fire.png [[File:runefire.png]] DeF: Fire resistance

Atk: Fire damage bonus

Rune burn.png [[File:runeburn.png]] DeF: Burn resistance

Atk: Burn

Rune chicken.png Lvl 2 Chicken Rune.png Lvl 3 Chicken Rune.png DeF: Chicken armor

Atk: Chicken per hit

Has a chance of spawning a chicken on hit.
Rune haste.png [[File:runehaste.png]] DeF: Haste

Atk: Slow

Rune ice.png [[File:runeice.png]] DeF: Ice resistance

Atk: Ice damage bonus

Rune physical.png [[File:runephysical.png]] DeF: Physical damage reduced

Atk: Physical damage bonus

Rune rock.png [[File:runerock.png]] DeF: Rock resistance

Atk: Rock damage bonus

Rune stab.png [[File:runestab.png]] DeF: Stabbing resistance

Atk: Stabbing damage bonus

Rune staminaregen.png [[File:runestanregen.png]] DeF: Stamina regeneration

Atk: Stop Regen stamina

Rune agility.png [[File:runeagil.png]] DeF: Agility

Atk: Critical damage bonus

Rune elemental.png [[File:runeelem.png]] DeF: Elemental resistance

Atk: Elemental damage bonus

Rune critical.png [[File:runecritical.png]] DeF: Critical immunity

Atk: Critical bonus

Rune liferegen.png [[File:runeliferegen.png]] DeF: LiFe regen

Atk: Stop regen

Rune poison.png [[File:runepoison.png]] DeF: Poison resistance

Atk: Poison