Soul gems

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Soul gems are items that allow the player to capture monsters, captured monsters to act as guard/attacker, capture monsters can be used for development of Transformation Seals. Soul gems have 5 levels, each being able to capture different monsters, every higher level gem can capture lower level gem monster.

At level 3, monsters become increasingly difficult to catch, requiring many tries depending on how low their health is (the lesser health a monster has, the easier it is to capture). This can be fixed by using higher level gems, which make capturing monsters more likely.

Soul gem lvl 1 Soul gem lvl 2 Soul gem lvl 3 Soul gem lvl 4 Soul gem lvl 5 Crafting Station required
10x Chipped Amethyst.pngChipped Amethyst 10x Flawed amethyst.png Flawed Amethyst


2x Silver bar.png Silver Bar

10x Amethyst gem.png Amethyst


4x Gold bar.png Gold Bar

Found in mimic chests

Dropped by Master

Found at the challenge chest on T-Rex's lair (prehistoric biome) Advanced crafting table.png Advanced crafting table
Capturable monsters by gem
Lvl 1 Lvl 2 Lvl 3 Lvl 4 Lvl 5
WispIcon.png Wisp GuardianIcon.png Guardian ButcherIcon.png Butcher MimicIcon.png Mimic TrexIcon.png T-rex
ChickenIcon.png Chiken LeafLionIcon.png Leaf lion HellDogIcon.png Hell dog TripodIcon.png Tripod
SlimeIcon.png Slime ChenilleIcon.png Chenille LavaGolemIcon.png Lava golem MotherBrainIcon.png Mother Brain
SnowSlimeIcon.png Snow slime NagaIcon.png Naga HandDiscipleIcon.png Disciples
SandSlimeIcon.png Sand slime BoarIcon.png Boar SoulsuckerIcon.png Soulsucker
CavernSlimeIcon.png Cavern slime IceEagleIcon.png Ice eagle BrutorIcon.png Brutor
ZombieIcon.png Night crawler YetiIcon.png Yeti ScavengerIcon.png Scavenger
SkeletonIcon.png Skeleton RockWormIcon.png Rock worm HowlerIcon.png Howler
ReptyIcon.png Repty CreepIcon.png Creep
SnowReptyIcon.png Snow repty DevourerIcon.png Devourer
SandReptyIcon.png Sand repty RaptorIcon.png Raptor
SandWormIcon.png Sand worm
ScorpionIcon.png Scorpion
BatIcon.png Bat
ToxicBatIcon.png Toxic bat
TormentedSoulIcon.png Tormented soul
SpiritIcon.png Spirit