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'''Runes''' are special items that allow the player to 'enchant' different [[weapons]], tools and [[armor]] with different effects. They can be dropped by [[monsters]] and [[bosses]].
Runes can be divided into several levels, From1From 1 to 7. Each next level costs 4 runes of the same type Fromfrom the previous level, resulting in a total of 4,096 level 1 runes to merge a level 7 rune of that type.
If enchanting weapons or tools, the 'Atk' stat will be chosen. IFIf enchanting armor the 'DeF' stat will be chosen.
Runes will usually also negatively impact health when enchanted to armor pieces.
|DeF: Chicken armor
Atk: Chicken per hit
|Has a chance oFof spawning a chicken whenon struck/strikinghit.
|[[File:Rune haste.png|frameless]]


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