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The Transformation table allows you to transform into an infinity of monsters.


To transform into monsters, you need a captured monster and Transformation Seals with the level specified in Requirements. Almost all capturable monsters can be used in the Transformation table and some of them act like monsters with no control (like chickens and bats).


To upgrade the monster type you need a lower monster in a different Transformation Seal specified in Requirements. The new Transformation will always start at Level 5.


At the "Sacrifice" tab it is possible to remove monsters from transformation seals and gem stones to get Black Souls. Sacrificing 2 monsters at once will give a bonus. The bonus is bigger if monsters are of the same type.

Black Souls

To seal certain monsters or when upgrading any transformation seal it is necessary to have Black Souls. To get Black Souls for Sealing monsters, you need to sacrifice captured monsters or sealed monsters, after the Sacrifice you will get the Capture Gem back.

The amount of souls are determined by rarity of monster not its level:

  • Normal 8
  • Rare 96 or 128
  • Unknown 48 or 128
  • Divine 256 or 512
  • Legendary 512